The Story of New York Times Marketing Campaign

The New York Times has a new marketing campaign:

The truth is more important now than ever.”


During the simple ad of NYT, statements flash across the screen beginning with, “The truth is our nation is more divided than ever.” The statements that follow are popular phrases or versions of the truth that are used by Trump and his supporters and then statements used by opponents of Trump.

On the Other Hand pro-Trump statements included: “The truth is the media is dishonest; The truth is we have to protect our borders; The truth is climate change is a hoax; The truth is Obamacare isn’t affordable; The truth is all lives matter.”

Trump’s supporters also called out the publication for the NYT Ad :

Since becoming president, Trump has aggressively gone after the Times for their political coverage, calling into question its accuracy and fairness, often accusing the newspaper of being biased.

After all, the publication apologized for its coverage of the 2016 election following Trump’s win last November. In a letter to subscribers, the Times executives promised better and more fair coverage during Trump’s administration, but many continue to call into question the Times’ accuracy and bias.

Still, Times executives routinely rebut accusations from Trump that they are “failing.” In fact, the Times says they have seen a record number of subscriptions thanks to Trump’s constant tweets about the publication.